Daily Archives: June 14, 2015

Choosing to be happy!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling down your Facebook feed with just shaking your head and a frown on your face? I find myself doing this constantly, actually way too much to admit. I wonder if these people are truly happy…I always love the person that posts a million “how many times I worked out this week!!” updates, as if the rest of us don’t feel enough mom guilt (or dad guilt) for not going to the gym. And there’s the ever so popular “I’m just bored…selfie” don’t get me started! Lol   No but seriously the best part of my day today was in the car on the way to the swim lessions in my ever so awesome swagger wagon. Lily begged me to put in my Newboys cd in which I obliged. When “God’s Not Dead” came on I’m pretty sure we got more than a few “you’re weird” looks because the lady five cars back could here us all including my three year old singing “God’s not dead he’s surely alive!!” at the top of our lungs! I honestly could care less who heard me or seen our mini American Idol audition. Because we were happy, not just happy, joyful.. We don’t get that many moments in our lives. You know the ones you just want to bottle up and hold tight. I think most of these moments are a choice, when most choose to complain, you could substitute for a few moments like this. Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we. But God made us to love and be happy. So when I ask my kids tonight what the best part of their day was, which I ask every night, mine will not be how many times I was on Pinterest or Twitter but it was our own little concert in the car, with only us as the audience… choosing to be happy… 🙂