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Stitch Fix Review #5 July 2015

Stitch Fix Review #5 July 2015

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great summer. I know we are soaking up as much sun as possible before school’s back in. So here’s another Review from my fifth Stitch Fix Box!  I was a little hesitant when I first opened my box, but as I was trying everything on I did  manage to put together some great outfits paired with some of my own clothes 🙂 Be sure to check out my last post on how to get an awesome Fix with some quick tips using Pinterest and being very specific on your want list. Please follow me on Pinterest for all my latest finds!
I just wanted to say how happy I’ve been since I signed up with Stitch Fix five months ago. I’m a busy mom and rarely have time to make any time for myself let alone go shopping. I feel now I am so much more open to trying new styles and trying items on I would have never picked. And finally I love how awesome and kind the entire company is, truly rare kindness 🙂 Okay, now on to my Fix!
Item #1 Loveappella Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt- KEPT
Item #2 Freeway Zinia Cutout Knit Top- KEPTbatch_DSC_0004 batch_DSC_0008
At first this skirt did nothing for me, I’m not sure if it was just the colors or what? The material is super soft and it did fit me just perfect (no hemming). So very determined I dug through the closet and found a lacy baby pink tank that matched it perfect. I put the Zinia Cutout Top on overtop and Perfect! I loved this outfit.

batch_DSC_0017 batch_DSC_0023

In my note to stylist I asked for a form fitting top and Jessica did great! I loved this shirt, very soft and I love the twisted top.  I had nothing in my closet like this so this was a keeper.
Item #3 Zad Vedelia Spade Drop Earrings- SENT BACK


I requested a specific pair of Spade earrings from Pinterest and they were out of them so she sent me these. I liked them but they didn’t wow me, so back they went.
Item #4 Papermoon Hamlet Lace Detail Blouse- KEPT



I loved the color of this blouse, just my style! The back detail was so pretty and it look great with a long necklace.  The material is great too because you can wear this over and over and it will still look just as great as the first time. Again I had nothing like this in my closet so another keeper 🙂
Item #5 Loveappella Abella Maxi Dress- SENT BACK


I didn’t get a picture in this because frankly it just wasn’t me, lol. It was just a little to BOHO for me. I did like the way it felt and it was very comfortable. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and if you would like to know a little more about getting your own personal stylist through Stitch Fix, click here. Have a wonderful day!! -Monica


How to get you best Fix!! Stitch Fix 101

Tips and Tricks to get a great Fix!

I get a lot of questions when I’m talking about Stitch Fix and sometimes I talk to friends that have received boxes that they weren’t so crazy about. So here’s a quick rundown of what I do to get a great box (and keep getting them!)


-In the beginning I did link My Style Pinterest board and my first two boxes were just ok. Then I started searching for Stitch Fix clothes and I found that they looked at those much more often than non Stitch Fix clothes.  If you pin a lot of Stitch Fix clothes you will still be surprised and definitely not disappointed!! 

-If you received a box you love definitely request the same stylist next time. She might not get your style perfect every time but she will learn what you don’t like pretty quick! I love my stylist Jessica.  She tries really hard and always tries to meet my request!

BE SPECIFIC!! If you need a pretty maxi dress for a wedding or some dress pants for work, SAY SO!! They are very so so happy when you can be specific on your wants!

-Even if you think you don’t like a piece, keep trying it on with different pieces of your wardrobe.  For example I just received a box yesterday and Jessica sent me a maxi skirt (I had requested one) and I looked at it and even tried it on :/ It was just ok. I went back to my closet and said “Is there any top that would make this skirt look amazing. And just like that I found a perfect lacy tank that made the skirt look so pretty. I even took another shirt she sent me that I wasn’t crazy about and put it on top of the lacy tank and BOOM! The outfit looked amazing! My point is don’t judge to quickly. 


Don’t expect to like everything every time!  The goal isn’t to keep everything all the time but to build a great wardrobe and to find special pieces that truly makes us feel amazing. I never have been one to think outside my box, but Stitch Fix definitely does that for me! 

If you would like more information click here,

hope this helps you all get your best Fix!!!  -Monica

DIY Little Mermaid Ariel Dress Tutorial

Our upcoming trip to Disney World is quickly approaching and I decided to make Lily a super easy, quick Little Mermaid outfit out of some scrap material and a tank top I bought for $1 at a yardsale!!  


Here is a list of my materials I used:

-purple tank top from Justice $1!!

-(scaley) material from Joann’s I got on the scrap clearance $3!

-stretchy ruffled elastic from Joann’s (matching the turquoise material) $2.50

-Ariel patch for the tank top (Joann’s)

-Cute Red flower for her hair 🙂 (Joann’s)


I started with cutting the tank top right under the chest area. I then measured how wide the material needed to be laying flat once I sewn the two right sides together. This material was a little tricky since it had little circles(scales) all over it and was sheer so i had to make sure the lines matched up.



This is what it looks like after the right sides are sewn together and then flipped the right way.


Next I use a large basting stitch on my machine and did basic gathering until my measurements matched from both my tank top and the width around the skirt.


I then used the ruffled elastic and attached it to the skirt with a stretch stitch. This part saved so much time because this elastic is so forgiving of any mistakes and will be very comfortable putting it on over her head. 




After the elastic is sewn on its time to attach it to the body (tank top) still using the basic stretch stitch. (#4 on my machine which is a Brother SC6600)


And finally I ironed on the Ariel patch and I found some random sequence I had in my craft desk and stitched some around Ariel since I thought it was a little too plain 🙂 



Overall I was very happy with the end result and so was Lily!! I know she will look so sweet when she meets Ariel at Magic Kingdom!! Thanks for stopping by and please subscribe for more sewing and DIY crafts:)  Happy Sewing!!

Stitch Fix Review #4 July 2015


So after my last fix I thought it will be really hard to top that box! Well I was wrong! I requested Jessica again and they let me keep her! Lol She just gets me…

So here’s a super quick rundown of how Stitch Fix work: Fill out a style profile and your personal stylist will send you 5 items based on your profile and your Pinterest board (which I highly recommend doing) you will be much happier if you do!  You have three days to try things on and after the three days keep what you want and send back what you don’t!! Yes that easy! Free shipping both ways and your $20 styling fee will go toward your purchase! If you do decide to sign up please use my link here so I can get a referral and keep doing what I love 🙂 My previous posts will give way more details if you’re interested so feel free to look through my past reviews!!

Item #1 Pixley Fiona Maxi Dress- Kept!!batch_IMG_4373

Oh how I have waited to get this dress!! I had this pinned on my Pinterest board and loved it!! I did have to do some alterations to the length, definitely not for short girls but I just couldn’t send it back!!

Item #2 Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short- Kept!!


Sorry I didn’t have a good picture of me wearing them, but let me tell you they are the most comfortable shorts ever!! Super soft stretchy material (very forgiving) and the cuff is so cute! 

Item #3 Pixley Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top- Kept!!! 


This was my favorite item in the box!! If you read my other posts my first box had a shirt similar but plain and I so regretted sending it back!! Well this one was way cuter and so so comfortable!! Love, Love, Love!

Item #4 Zad Leanne Infinity Drop Earrings-Kept!


These were really pretty and I didn’t have any like them so they are mine now 🙂

Item #5 Fate Kathina Sheer Cut Out Top-Sent Back

See the top picture and I’m not wearing it(For a good reason)

LOL When I first seen this top I loved it and I thought how pretty it was but the sleeves fit me very pointy?? So I sent Stitchfix an email and they were awesome to let me send it back and still get my 25% discount because in my picture she said it didn’t look like it had been sewn correctly. I love their customer service department, everyone is so helpful and very quick to answer any concerns you have. Just another reason Stitch Fix is huge love of mine 🙂

That’s it for my July review! See you in August!!!

Blessings, Monica

Stitch Fix Box #3 May 2015


Welcome to my Stitch Fix Review!! This one is my May 2015 box.  Here is a quick explanation of how it works:

 You fill out a very detailed style profile explaining every aspect of your style and how you like things to feel and fit! You set the price range for each category along with what you would like to receive in your fix, like whether you would like all tops, or no jewelry, etc.. Then you schedule your Fix!! Your personal stylist will handpick five items for you which can include tops, pants, dresses, jewelry, purses, etc.. It is free shipping both ways. Keep what you love and send back what you don’t in a prepaid mailer!! No need to subscribe even though you can if you like! The cool thing is when you schedule your fix you can send your stylist a personal note explaining if there is something specific you would like that month!! When you receive your Fix you will get a little note from your stylist explaining why she picked what she did, and a style card showing different ways to wear each piece! And make sure you try everything on, even if you don’t like it at first. I seriously hated one of my tops until I tried it on and it ended up being my favorite! There is a $20 styling fee initially but that will come off the price of anything you keep even if you keep just one thing!! If  you decide to try it please use my link here so I can keep doing these posts on what I love :)

So this month was the big 3-0 for me and I was very very specific on my “note to stylist” not to send me anything too “Mommy”!! 🙂 I know I am getting older but that doesn’t mean I have to dress that way! I told her I wanted a colorful purse and to look on my Pinterest board for all the new things I pinned. Well let me tell you my stylist Ashley hit it out of the park on this one!! I have found the more specific you are the happier you will be overall… Here is what I got!

Item #1 Collective Concepts Georgina Keyhole Detail Blouse-KEPT

Item #2 Mint Colored Mavi Aiden Skinny Jeans-KEPT

I absolutely love this blouse and skinny jeans together!! They go so well together and fit perfectly! She even went down a jean size which I rolled my eyes at before I tried them on and WALLA!! They fit! I have no idea how they pick the perfect jean size but they do.

1173 1179

Item #3 Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top-KEPT

This was a top that I had pinned in Pinterest and was so so excited when I pulled it out of the box! It also look supercute with the mint Mavi jeans I recieved. Perfect fit, loved!


Item #4 Brixon Ivy Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress-KEPT

This dress is amazing!! I had pinned it about 10 times so my stylist would get the hint that wanted it badly!!! I did alter the dress a bit in the straps so it would fit better, which was no big deal. The fabric is amazing, it is very soft and thick. Definitely not cheaply made, very high quality! I loved wearing a jean jacket with it 🙂

1191 1197

Item #5 Moda Luxe Chicago Structured Satchel-KEPT

I asked for a colorful purse and Ashley delivered!! I looooved this bag! The color is so beautiful and couldn’t have picked a better one myself! It’s not too big or too small, the perfect size! 


So yes I kept EVERYTHING!!! Best fix yet!! And remember if you keep everything you will get a 25% discount!!  Like I said the best way to get the perfect box is:

-Be very specific in your note to stylist.

-Pin specifically Stitch Fix pins.

-Tell them what you don’t want!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!! Monica