Stitch Fix Box #3 May 2015


Welcome to my Stitch Fix Review!! This one is my May 2015 box.  Here is a quick explanation of how it works:

 You fill out a very detailed style profile explaining every aspect of your style and how you like things to feel and fit! You set the price range for each category along with what you would like to receive in your fix, like whether you would like all tops, or no jewelry, etc.. Then you schedule your Fix!! Your personal stylist will handpick five items for you which can include tops, pants, dresses, jewelry, purses, etc.. It is free shipping both ways. Keep what you love and send back what you don’t in a prepaid mailer!! No need to subscribe even though you can if you like! The cool thing is when you schedule your fix you can send your stylist a personal note explaining if there is something specific you would like that month!! When you receive your Fix you will get a little note from your stylist explaining why she picked what she did, and a style card showing different ways to wear each piece! And make sure you try everything on, even if you don’t like it at first. I seriously hated one of my tops until I tried it on and it ended up being my favorite! There is a $20 styling fee initially but that will come off the price of anything you keep even if you keep just one thing!! If  you decide to try it please use my link here so I can keep doing these posts on what I love :)

So this month was the big 3-0 for me and I was very very specific on my “note to stylist” not to send me anything too “Mommy”!! 🙂 I know I am getting older but that doesn’t mean I have to dress that way! I told her I wanted a colorful purse and to look on my Pinterest board for all the new things I pinned. Well let me tell you my stylist Ashley hit it out of the park on this one!! I have found the more specific you are the happier you will be overall… Here is what I got!

Item #1 Collective Concepts Georgina Keyhole Detail Blouse-KEPT

Item #2 Mint Colored Mavi Aiden Skinny Jeans-KEPT

I absolutely love this blouse and skinny jeans together!! They go so well together and fit perfectly! She even went down a jean size which I rolled my eyes at before I tried them on and WALLA!! They fit! I have no idea how they pick the perfect jean size but they do.

1173 1179

Item #3 Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top-KEPT

This was a top that I had pinned in Pinterest and was so so excited when I pulled it out of the box! It also look supercute with the mint Mavi jeans I recieved. Perfect fit, loved!


Item #4 Brixon Ivy Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress-KEPT

This dress is amazing!! I had pinned it about 10 times so my stylist would get the hint that wanted it badly!!! I did alter the dress a bit in the straps so it would fit better, which was no big deal. The fabric is amazing, it is very soft and thick. Definitely not cheaply made, very high quality! I loved wearing a jean jacket with it 🙂

1191 1197

Item #5 Moda Luxe Chicago Structured Satchel-KEPT

I asked for a colorful purse and Ashley delivered!! I looooved this bag! The color is so beautiful and couldn’t have picked a better one myself! It’s not too big or too small, the perfect size! 


So yes I kept EVERYTHING!!! Best fix yet!! And remember if you keep everything you will get a 25% discount!!  Like I said the best way to get the perfect box is:

-Be very specific in your note to stylist.

-Pin specifically Stitch Fix pins.

-Tell them what you don’t want!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!! Monica

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