DIY Little Mermaid Ariel Dress Tutorial

Our upcoming trip to Disney World is quickly approaching and I decided to make Lily a super easy, quick Little Mermaid outfit out of some scrap material and a tank top I bought for $1 at a yardsale!!  


Here is a list of my materials I used:

-purple tank top from Justice $1!!

-(scaley) material from Joann’s I got on the scrap clearance $3!

-stretchy ruffled elastic from Joann’s (matching the turquoise material) $2.50

-Ariel patch for the tank top (Joann’s)

-Cute Red flower for her hair ūüôā (Joann’s)


I started with cutting the tank top right under the chest area. I then measured how wide the material needed to be laying flat once I sewn the two right sides together. This material was a little tricky since it had little circles(scales) all over it and was sheer so i had to make sure the lines matched up.



This is what it looks like after the right sides are sewn together and then flipped the right way.


Next I use a large basting stitch on my machine and did basic gathering until my measurements matched from both my tank top and the width around the skirt.


I then used the ruffled elastic and attached it to the skirt with a stretch stitch. This part saved so much time because this elastic is so forgiving of any mistakes and will be very comfortable putting it on over her head. 




After the elastic is sewn on its time to attach it to the body (tank top) still using the basic stretch stitch. (#4 on my machine which is a Brother SC6600)


And finally I ironed on the Ariel patch and I found some random sequence I had in my craft desk and stitched some around Ariel since I thought it was a little too plain ūüôā¬†



Overall I was very happy with the end result and so was Lily!! I know she will look so sweet when she meets Ariel at Magic Kingdom!! Thanks for stopping by and please subscribe for more sewing and DIY crafts:)  Happy Sewing!!

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