How to get you best Fix!! Stitch Fix 101

Tips and Tricks to get a great Fix!

I get a lot of questions when I’m talking about Stitch Fix and sometimes I talk to friends that have received boxes that they weren’t so crazy about. So here’s a quick rundown of what I do to get a great box (and keep getting them!)


-In the beginning I did link My Style Pinterest board and my first two boxes were just ok. Then I started searching for Stitch Fix clothes and I found that they looked at those much more often than non Stitch Fix clothes.  If you pin a lot of Stitch Fix clothes you will still be surprised and definitely not disappointed!! 

-If you received a box you love definitely request the same stylist next time. She might not get your style perfect every time but she will learn what you don’t like pretty quick! I love my stylist Jessica.  She tries really hard and always tries to meet my request!

BE SPECIFIC!! If you need a pretty maxi dress for a wedding or some dress pants for work, SAY SO!! They are very so so happy when you can be specific on your wants!

-Even if you think you don’t like a piece, keep trying it on with different pieces of your wardrobe.  For example I just received a box yesterday and Jessica sent me a maxi skirt (I had requested one) and I looked at it and even tried it on :/ It was just ok. I went back to my closet and said “Is there any top that would make this skirt look amazing. And just like that I found a perfect lacy tank that made the skirt look so pretty. I even took another shirt she sent me that I wasn’t crazy about and put it on top of the lacy tank and BOOM! The outfit looked amazing! My point is don’t judge to quickly. 


Don’t expect to like everything every time!  The goal isn’t to keep everything all the time but to build a great wardrobe and to find special pieces that truly makes us feel amazing. I never have been one to think outside my box, but Stitch Fix definitely does that for me! 

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hope this helps you all get your best Fix!!!  -Monica

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