Stitch Fix Review #5 July 2015

Stitch Fix Review #5 July 2015

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great summer. I know we are soaking up as much sun as possible before school’s back in. So here’s another Review from my fifth Stitch Fix Box!  I was a little hesitant when I first opened my box, but as I was trying everything on I did  manage to put together some great outfits paired with some of my own clothes 🙂 Be sure to check out my last post on how to get an awesome Fix with some quick tips using Pinterest and being very specific on your want list. Please follow me on Pinterest for all my latest finds!
I just wanted to say how happy I’ve been since I signed up with Stitch Fix five months ago. I’m a busy mom and rarely have time to make any time for myself let alone go shopping. I feel now I am so much more open to trying new styles and trying items on I would have never picked. And finally I love how awesome and kind the entire company is, truly rare kindness 🙂 Okay, now on to my Fix!
Item #1 Loveappella Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt- KEPT
Item #2 Freeway Zinia Cutout Knit Top- KEPTbatch_DSC_0004 batch_DSC_0008
At first this skirt did nothing for me, I’m not sure if it was just the colors or what? The material is super soft and it did fit me just perfect (no hemming). So very determined I dug through the closet and found a lacy baby pink tank that matched it perfect. I put the Zinia Cutout Top on overtop and Perfect! I loved this outfit.

batch_DSC_0017 batch_DSC_0023

In my note to stylist I asked for a form fitting top and Jessica did great! I loved this shirt, very soft and I love the twisted top.  I had nothing in my closet like this so this was a keeper.
Item #3 Zad Vedelia Spade Drop Earrings- SENT BACK


I requested a specific pair of Spade earrings from Pinterest and they were out of them so she sent me these. I liked them but they didn’t wow me, so back they went.
Item #4 Papermoon Hamlet Lace Detail Blouse- KEPT



I loved the color of this blouse, just my style! The back detail was so pretty and it look great with a long necklace.  The material is great too because you can wear this over and over and it will still look just as great as the first time. Again I had nothing like this in my closet so another keeper 🙂
Item #5 Loveappella Abella Maxi Dress- SENT BACK


I didn’t get a picture in this because frankly it just wasn’t me, lol. It was just a little to BOHO for me. I did like the way it felt and it was very comfortable. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and if you would like to know a little more about getting your own personal stylist through Stitch Fix, click here. Have a wonderful day!! -Monica


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