Life at 30: No turning back

Today was a good day..

I had the privilege of staying home with a sick little boy today. Fever for two days, throwing up last night, it was utterly exhausting.  But it was a good day.  This is my typical everyday life I’ve been blessed with.
In May I turned 30, and I can honestly say I am much happier now than anytime before 25. Many times I hear clients or friends talk about those years in their life and yearn to go back. Not me, not ever.. I am so content with this stage of my life I have not the slightest inkling to go back.


My 30th birthday present, an Aerosmith concert!! 
I was always the quiet one in elementary school ( a trait my daughter did not receive thankfully). It was very difficult to fit in as every sweet little child tries to do in elementary, so often I felt awkward, scared, and alone. I did very well with my grades and that always made me feel good.
Then I moved on to middle school which was much better. I made some wonderful friends through sports and found a crowd that I fit in with much easier. Much easier just to be myself that is. I still struggled to find my voice and take a stand for what I believed in. Becoming a true saved christian at 12 gave me a little more strength, I did find it easier to voice my beliefs, and I was able to connect with other young believers through my wonderful church.
My freshman and sophomore year of high school went really well and a lot of anxiety I often had as a kid didn’t really affect me.  I was getting comfortable with myself.  My junior year not so much. With the loss of my grandma, affects of a breakup, and just general stress of being an adolescent and trying to decide what in the world I should do with my life, it was just too much.  I wanted to go to beauty school, but most of my teachers would tell me I was way too smart for that. Thankfully I had wonderful friends that were supportive and that made life a little easier.. Look how cute we were 🙂


I graduated from high school in May of 2003 and started cosmetology school the very same June. I struggled mentally all the way through.   I loved doing hair just not going to school! Many days I wondered if I was really cut out to be in such an emotionally demanding profession (and working in a room full of women everyday)! 🙂  Thankfully I did stick with it and graduated the following July.
The early years of being a hairdresser was so amazingly hard! Go hug your hairdresser right now! She deserves it. LOL  No seriously, I can’t imagine a much harder profession in the early years. Sitting all day for one haircut, that was always fun. Being a very petite girl made me look even younger than what I really was. I started at 18 and looked 13.  The #1 question I would get when a new client would sit in my chair would be, “So how long have you been doing hair?”.  That always made me feel wonderful! As I passed the mid 20’s I felt everything about me change. I had two amazing kids that transformed my entire view of the world and life. I had to quit being selfish and start being happy with me! I’m not sure really where the big change occurred but it did. I love my job, I love my husband with all my heart and soul, and I love being me (even at 30) 😉
Well I don’t get asked much anymore how many years I’ve been a hairdresser and I’m glad.  I’m glad to be passed all that.  Being 30 is nothing like I thought it would be. I never thought I would be writing on my very own website about anything and everything. God continues to love and strengthen me. Bring on the next 30…
Blessings, Monica

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